15-Minute Foundations

The best way to give your kid an awesome start with the guitar. Get your first lesson free!

Why Online Lessons?

  • Convenience  –>  Schedule lessons at a time and place of your convenience!
  • Quality             –>  Get access to the expert teachers from anywhere!
  • Cost                   –>  Lessons are $10 per 15-minute session. Quite a deal compared to                                         $30+ at most music stores!

What makes Awesome Guitar for Kids different from other online programs?

There are plenty of options online for learning the guitar. Unfortunately, most of these sites are designed with adults in mind. They advertise hundreds of different pre-recorded lessons or printable songs. While the guitar education buffet might work for some adults, these are not the things that your child needs to succeed. Here are the things that make Awesome Guitar for Kids (AG4K)  your family’s best option for online lessons:

  • Kid-friendly- AG4K is specifically designed with children in mind. The program activities are specifically designed for children and presented in a kid-friendly way. Why ask your nine-year-old to struggle through lessons designed for an adult when they can have lessons in a language they speak?
  • Strong foundation-AG4K is a complete guitar program that will give your kids what they need for long-term success on the guitar, rather than leaving them with big gaps to fill later on. This is the program that I have been teaching to hundreds of students for over 14 years. I have taught students ranging from young beginners to college music majors, so I know what foundational skills young people need to succeed as they grow.
  • Educational design-While there are numerous online programs, AG4K is specifically fit to the developmental level of children. The variety of activities and creative games help children learn in a way that is intuitive and natural to them. In addition to teaching music, I have worked as an at-risk intervention teacher, helping primary and middle school-aged students who struggle with math and English. I have a wide array of tools to help stuck students get unstuck.
  • Online Resources-In addition to online lessons, AG4Ks features numerous videos, audio clips, and printable versions of the materials used in the lessons. Meaning that you and your child will have all the resources you need to succeed.

What will your child learn?

  • Proper posture and right and left-hand technique and how to practice them so your child can look and play like a pro.
  • The names and fingerings for all of the notes in the first position, as well as how to find the names of notes in other positions, so your child can find their way around the fretboard
  • Basic open chords, so your child can strum along with singers.
  • How to read basic music notation, so that your child can turn dots on the page into beautiful music.
  • The pentatonic scale and patterns for improvisation, so your child can start to jam.
  • The basics of form and composition, so your child can start writing and playing their own songs.

What Do We Offer?

I offer online lessons to beginning students via skype, google hangout, or facetime. 15-minutes is the optimal time for beginning lessons and practice, so I offer on-line lessons in 15-minute blocks, with the first lesson being free. If you decide online lessons are right for you the cost is $10 per lesson.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in setting up a free trial lesson, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



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