Awesome Guitar for Kids

Welcome to Awesome Guitar for Kids! The easy, fun way for your kid to learn guitar– better than weekly lessons and without the hassle and expense! (If you haven’t gotten it yet, you can buy the book from Amazon, here).

Kids have no problem saying, “Yes!” to learning an instrument. But, often, the hard work of developing initial skills makes them want to quit before they have even really begun. Getting your child over that initial “beginner’s hump” of musicianship doesn’t have to be a daily battle of wills punctuated with disappointing weekly lessons.

Written by Chris Kjorness, a professional musician, music teacher, and father of two (rowdy) boys, Awesome Guitar guides parents and kids through beginning guitar with a method that keeps kids interested and parents sane. The book has silly games for kids and helpful notes for parents so that real progress can be made with only four 15-minute practice sessions a week!

The best part about AGFK is that learners have access to online resources like printable worksheets, video lessons, audio play-a-longs.

Find printable worksheets, sheet music, and other resources by clicking on your lesson below. Let’s get started!

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